четвъртък, юни 30, 2005

Proto Buglarian names

Proto Bulgarian names:

Asparih - Aspa + rih (title, rex, Arian), Aspa is Indo-european word
Tervel (Trivel) - Sarmatian
Kardam - Sarmatian
Sevar - Latin, I/E - check the Sevar clan in Rome
Komepej - never heard of him - you made it up.
Kopmisosh - correct is Kormisosh - Sarmatian (most likely) his name came only throu Greek and the real name is not known
Vineh - I/E - Vino - I believe ou understand the root of it.
Telets - Slavic (Telets - see bible)
Sabin - Latin - see Sabine
Umor - Slavic (you should know what is mean)
Toktu - not very well known cheracter, brother of Bojan - only 40 days rule BG
Pagan - I/E name, you should know what it is mean.
Ditsehg - never heard, Detse-neh - also I/E name
Tsok - is Slavic (you should know the meaning)
Omirtag - sorrect would be Umortag - Umor (see Umor) + tag title
Tele-rih - see Tele and see Rih

You mist some other proto-Bulgarians
Kot-rig, Bojan, Altsek and Kuber - all sons of Kurt, Kubrat or Kroat (and brothers of Aspa-rih).
Gostun - cosin of Kubrat, ruler of Buglaria just before him.
Organa - uncle of Kubrat
Presian, Ervnota, Malamir - sons of Umor-tag (all slavic name)
Vladimir, Rasate, Simeon (after the baptising) sons of Boris
Krum - father of Umor-tag

Other rulers:
Bozan, Dragon.

Several boljars:
Isbul, Dragomir, Boril, Mostich, Krakra, Doks, Dragober and etc.

Out of almost 50 names above - only 3 are remotely turkish (or at least used by turic people)
Bojan, Boris and Toktu (brother of Bojan).
Boris is also name of the mountain cat (bars) in Caucasus so most likely name is pure Bulgarian since we use it first and came from there.