петък, февруари 25, 2005

Connected the desktop/laptop to Internet using 7100 Blackberry

I found it in one forum:
DestopManager should be running and it will create new modem (Standard modem)

link is here

OK, I believe I've figured out how to get the laptop GPRS internet connection going with the 7100t via USB. Obviously, this is for use with T-Mobile:

Go into Control Panel and double click Phones and Modems; double click on Standard Modem (7100t); go into the Advanced tab and type in the following into the initial string:


Hit OK, and try to connect using *99# as the phone number. You should be connected.

It's damn slow, but it works. I'm posting this now via my laptop connected to my 7100t.

I am wondering if it possible to make the same for Linux. I posted question on
linuxquestions ... let see.