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Bulgarian and Macedonian languages

In order to claim some language is different by other you should prove that.
I ask you, is this article written form guy who have Macedonian or Bulgarian as mother tongue?
Why this is important,
Bulgarian is quite old and complex language.
We have at least 3 stages of it in history.
It is also mix of Greek-Slavic-Bolgar language, so we have a lot of cases when we end up with two words that mean the same:
Otec - Tatko - Bahsta (Father)
Ticham - Bjagam (Run)
Ela - Idvaj (Come)
Govorja-Zborja-Hortuvam and etc. (Speak)
Kraka-Noze (Legs)
Kotka-Machka-Maca (Cat)
Pes-Kuche (Dog) and etc.
You got the point. In the official, standard books, textbooks and etc - only one or two of those are mention. Others are trimmed.
Also the language (Buglarian) was heavily Rusified after Liberation, and bunch of Greek and Turkish words cut out.
So If you are native speaker, you may see how close are the two dialects. Bulgarian-Macedonian. Also part of Macedonian dialects are actually closer to standard Buglarian then part of Bulgarian dialects.

Grammar is important because it is more consistant in time. Although a lot of Serbian words came in Macedonian (like Sloboda, Odluka and etc.)
and many Serbian name (Zoran, Lubica, Vesna and etc.)
the grammar has not been changed. So today Bulgarian and Macedonian had the same grammar, quite different from other Slavic languages I must say.

Root Macedonian vocabulary is same as Buglarian and have some differences from other Slavic languages.
Extend vocabulary, less then some Serbian words (in tens) and the foreign terms is same as well.

Same as western Bulgarian.
The typical bulgarian sound 'y' or 'ъ' is there. You cannot find it in any other language (Slavic). Macedonians does not have a symbol for it :-), they shred it in 1944 to make it disappear :-). Let say it is still there :-).
Macedonians claim to have two more sounds, actually those are bi-sounds
d-z and d - zh and all of Bulgaria used them but we mark them with two letters. May be it is correct to put one letter for them, I don't know.

Saying above,
I believe I made my case for the language.
It is same. You may ask any Macedonian or Bulgarian they will tell you that. Infamous Ilinden here put it that way:
"Bulgairan adopt Macedonian language and alphabet. "

And most of the linguists that are familiar with the matter will tell you the same as above. You may search this news group I post many many articles about it.
In fact Bulgarian and Macedonian became an example of how the language could be . Pretty much the same is the case with Moldovan and Romanian.

As for nationality:
There are no doubt, Macedonians as a separate people did not exist before 1930's,
although some regional feelings you can find, but very limited if any.
If you read Macedonian (or Bulgarian) you may read the article I post yesterday from Macedonian Ph.D. and see

Draje Tito and Draje Dimitrov change that.
is it stable is yet to be seen.

Best Regards,

P.S. We should use the most common deffinition of language and dialect.
If you use the famous one - language is dialect with army - then you found your Macedonian, otherwise it is same language (under the definition I gave you in the previous post, as much inperfect it is).


At 9:58 пр.об., Blogger Stef said...

hey can you please find

common Bulgarian and SlavMacedonian words.

and give them in latin letters.

reply therehttp://macedonianfacts.blogspot.com/

or there steveegaubeeu@gmail.com

At 11:36 пр.об., Blogger Николай Сърмаджиев said...

Actually, it is much easier to show not common Bulgarian and SlavMacedonian words (i.e. almost 95% of the lexical treasure is the same, 5% are new English or Serbian loan words).


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