четвъртък, юли 07, 2005

Bulgars and Slavs in Macedonia

I made it clear even for you.
If you are interesting in my name or history of my family, I posted it on the internet. If you are engineer you will be able to find it.

However I would not comment on the names of others with sirname like yours (or other Macedonians).
If you like to be precise at least change back your sirname to original form (pre-1944).

I would really be suprise if you know more about Slavs then me (or even Taso). You lack common knowledge for 1878 uprising (as when, why and where it started). I am not expecting you to know much about "Slavs".
Let me make it easy for you, Slavs (real ethnonym is Sloven) originated in Pripet swamps area. Go to the map and check where it is. Originally we have two major groups South-East and Northern.
We are from South-East one, we very heavy Sarmatian influence.
The Western Slavs (Chez and Moravs) are with heavy Celtian influence.
They were even mistakenly call Venetian (even today wendi are in Germany) with name of that Celtic tribe.

In Vardar Macedonia almost no Slavs were settle. This is why there are no pagan Slav graveyards in Macedonia (but few in Bitolia).

Slavs were not mountain people, may be this is the answer, or may be because at the time huge junk of Bulgars were already populated Vardar Valley.

On contrary a lot of Slav graveyards could be found in Moesia and Thrace and also in Greece of course. All over the place.

Slavs were mostly around Solun and Struma river and even in Chalhidiki but not in Vardar Macedonia.
On the north the Beresiti were in today's Graovo district (Maleshevsko - Sofia - Nish). On the east (Struma - lower) you have Dragoviti and "Strumliani". In the Chalhidiki - Rinhini.
In Aegean Thrace - Smoljani and up nor Dragoviti again (in Upper Thrace).
In Greece - Milengi and Ezerci.
In Moesia "Seven Tribes". Also Severi but it is not prove if they were Slavs.

The conclusion is very simple -> The Slavs in Vardar Macedonia are settle AFTER bathism of Bulgarians, and obviously by Bulgarians. Those are not my conclusions but one made by YOUR archaeologists, I already provide you a link.
Just to mention several Bulgar stans are discover in Macedonia, Prilep, Bitolia and etc (prior to 863). Also the treasure of Kuber is found in Albania. Also in Macedonia you have over all more Bulgar toponyms - like Prespa, Ohrid, Pelester, Devol, Tomor and etc.

So see first your Bulgar ancestry first.

Just for the record:
Today's Bulgarians are mostly descentands of Thracian (Latin speaking mostly) population. This include Macedonians in Macedonia. This if you believe to the DNA tests (although it is questionable how the research are conducted).
Never the less we are Bulgarians, as Otec Paisii define it. He is the "father" of Modern Bulgarian nation. This not stop us to be ancestors of Bulgars, Slavs, Latin-speaking Thracian, Greeks, Turks, Cumans, Pecheneg and 50 other ethnoses.

P.S. You should tell Russians they are artificial nation too, and French and Americans and English and ... the list is very long.
None of them are actually who the original people with same ethnonym were.