неделя, юли 03, 2005

Future of Macedonia in my mind

Almost 15% of population were put in like Goli Otok and 22 000 died there. Several notable trials were held, a lot of the educated Macedonians were slatered, even communist leaders that were Bulgarian were expell at best.
And as of today big chunk of population is still Bulgarian and re-Bulgarize. If Bulgaria become a member of EU, not very long after that, yo will not have a problem with Macedonia name (in terms of continuity with ancient Macedonian).
At least this is what I get from the people that visit Macedonia recently and the Macedonia press I am reading (in that *foreign* language).

Do not listen to the Ilinden and other Macedonist here. They are out of touch, and mostly dreaming.

For example:
A month ago the book for Todor Alexandrov were publish in Macedonia by Macedonian historian, with real documents inside, and believe me it is not pleasant for Macedonist.

The only country at the region that support Macedonist is Serbia, but they steadily loosing the power over Macedonia, Tito Yugoslavia is dead, and more and more people in Macedonia understand that. On contrary almost half of Macedonian population have visited Bulgaria (and not only Pirin region). This making them a great impression, after all their lives they listen Bulgarians=Tatars, they eating Macedonians for breakfast and nothing in common and etc, and they are coming and seeing essentially the same people from Sofia to Varna and this make them very very cautions and alert.
Macedonians (esp. younger once) understand and speak better Bulgarian then Serbian even after 100 years of heavy Serbinization, and Macedonizations.

Almost 20% of all university students in Macedonia currently graduating in Bulgaria, after 5 years in Sofia you should be idiot to think we are different from each other.

And this is noticeable in Macedonia. Government trying to prevent students from studying in Bulgaria. Do not allow building of direct train-track Sofia - Skopje, do not allow building of new border-crossing stations...
... let see how all will end,

My bet is - Macedonia will stop rely on and will return to its Bulgarian roots, acknowledge the same origin of the people and the division in 1944. Then I believe you will not have a problem with name, since it will not be used in bad intention toward Greece.